Mindful eating

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Can you remember what you ate yesterday, why, whether it tasted good, and how you felt afterwards?

We eat for all kinds of reasons – and one of them is because we are actually hungry! Mostly, when we eat, we do so on autopilot. There are actually a lot of mechanics that go into eating, a lot of processes and a lot of sensations, and we have trained ourselves to do it without a second’s thought.

Being able to inhale a sandwich before dashing to a meeting or a bag of crisps in the car between other commitments is convenient, which somehow makes it feel like your friend. But it’s not.

If we’ve not met before, my name is Ionela, and I’m a nutrition and health coach. I passionately believe that eating in this semi-conscious way is what’s lurking behind many of the health problems my clients are complaining about.

Consider how would it feel if you could regain control around food and learn to appreciate all the flavours and delights of eating well?

Mindful eating is more than eating slowly, without distraction. It is the key to a whole new world. Mindful eating is also eating with intention.

It is an awareness of when and why you eat, and this can be a huge catalyst for changing habits.

It is eating with the intention of caring for yourself and with the attention needed so that you can notice and enjoy more.

You were born with an instinct for how much to eat, but you have become disconnected. You’ve un-learnt to read your body’s signals, and you’re not sure you always trust yourself around food.

What Mindful eating IS NOT

  • Dieting
  • Calorie counting
  • Portion control
  • Earning your food
  • Giving up certain foods altogether
  • Eating whatever you want
  • A new way to judge yourself

Try to re-learn how to reconnect to these instinctive signals, become more present with food and your choices – and get on with your life!


Hi there! I’m Ionela, but you can call me Ella. I’m a certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Skin therapist and mom living in the beautiful Galway, passionate about the powerful effects of nutrition.

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