Skin Concerns and Vit A

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Vitamin A is necessary for a healthy immune response in the skin and can inhibit inflammatory skin reactions like persistent acne.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that vitamin A deficiency is a public health concern affecting more than half of the globe.

Vitamin A supports the integrity of cells and a lack of vitamin A in diet can not only cause acne, but also dry, scaly skin and premature aging.

One of the skin benefits of Vitamin A is that it increases collagen production to reduce the signs of aging.

Its also important to mention it can help prevent many types of cancer, not only skin cancer.

Vitamin A is also critical to the repair process, including repair from sun burn and damage from toxins.

The healing and integrity of our intestinal lining is also supported by vitamin A and a healthy gut lining improves digestive health and reduces food sensitivities. Foods rich in vitamin A include liver, organic eggs, dark green vegetables, carrots and sweet potatoes.


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