Skin Concerns and Vit D

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Is your eczema a sign of vit D deficiency?

Studies show that individuals with the lowest levels of vitamin D get more severe eczema symptoms than those with higher concentrations.

Eczema involves inflammation of the skin and can appear anywhere on the body. A rash can be characterized by dry and flaky skin but can also be more severe causing extreme redness that is itchy and looks infected. Similar to eczema, psoriasis causes skin irritation and redness, commonly treated with vitamin D.

Make sure to keep all sugar out of your diet and look out for other triggers like dairy proteins and gluten.

Not only that Vitamin D is so critical for skin concerns, but also deficiency has been linked to cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic muscle pain, bone loss, and autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis. If you haven’t gotten your levels checked this year, I highly recommend it.

How much Vitamin D do we need in Ireland to support good health?

In April 2021, a report on combating vitamin D deficiency in Ireland, issued by the Joint Committee on Health of the Houses of Oireachtas, concluded:

“The lack of sunshine and the lack of natural dietary sources of Vitamin D in Ireland indicate that in the absence of mandatory food fortification, the only way for the Irish population to get a sufficient level of Vitamin D is through the regular use of Vitamin D supplements.”

“Daily Vitamin D supplements of 20-25μg/day (800–1000 IU/day) should be recommended to the entire adult population, where possible and where medically appropriate, as a public health measure.”

A number of recent studies indicate vitamin D might have a positive impact in protecting against Covid-19.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient known for decades to help support the health of the bones and muscles. It is also known that vitamin D has a positive role in immune function, and that deficiency might compromise immune health.

Are you supplementing during the winter months?


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