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Personalised Nutrition
& Lifestyle Consultations

My programmes are personalised and designed to suit your individual needs

In my experience, one-off consultations do not allow a sufficient amount of time to really get to the root cause of any issues and truly make a difference in offering long term, lasting results. Eating well is not just about the food we eat, it’s also about creating healthy habits and that takes time.

We all already know that quick-fixes don’t exist. Just like there is no overnight six-pack.

The best way for you to reach your health goals is by me working with you for a period of time (usually 10 weeks or longer).

The key difference between the programmes is the level of support required.
This can be contact weekly or every 2 or 4 weeks
Programmes start at €265


All of my 1:1 programmes last 10 weeks and are designed around your needs but typically include


Full In-Depth Health Assessment

Understanding the root of your symptoms


One To One Follow-Up

Nutrition consultations 45-60 min

Mini Review Calls/Email Support

Support is provided when needed

Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations

Personalised recommendations targeted towards your goals

Practical Menu Planning

Planning out Personalised menu’s


Meal Ideas & Recipe Inspiration

Designed to reduce feelings of deprivation

Supplement Recommendations

Where appropriate

10% Discount

Discount on practitioner grade supplements

Testing Recommendations

When appropriate, testing determines your actual nutrient needs without the guesswork.


Health Coaching

To help you implement new food choices and new habits

Healthy Eating Shopping List

A shopping list that works for you

Skin Care

Treatment & skincare recommendations
Note that costs of functional tests and supplements are not included in the programme.

What happens at a consultation?

Prior to the consultation you will be asked to complete a full in-depth health assessment to understand the root of your symptoms and also a food and mood journal. Once payment is received and you have completed the questionnaire and returned it to me, we can arrange our first consultation depending on each of our availabilities. Once we’ve agreed upon a date and time, I’ll forward you a Zoom link and will be available for any questions in the lead up. I hold consultations in Galway and also via Zoom.

Initial consultation

The first consultation will last approximately 90 minutes. We will discuss the history of your health in detail, based on the information that you have provided me prior to the session. This includes food and mood journal review, medical and family history, Body composition review, (weight, BMI, fat %, muscle mass, metabolic age) sleep, stress and much more. Together we will agree on your health goals and I will then work with you to devise a suitable nutrition and lifestyle programme focusing on the goals that you have set. Your programme will include dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes and supplement recommendations.
You will receive a programme to follow before returning for your follow-up consultation.

Follow up consultations

Follow up consultations usually last 45-60 minutes. We will discuss your progress, the current challenges that you are experiencing and make any appropriate adjustments. The results of your tests are also discussed if necessary.

In addition, you will receive on-going support if you should have any questions or feedback during this time, in the form of mini review 15 minute phone calls or email in between your main sessions.

Testing – coming soon

To provide useful further information, functional testing may be recommended (using an external lab at an additional cost), such as:

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis (evaluates digestion, absorption, gut metabolism, gut flora and inflammation)
  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Total thyroid screen
  • Female hormone panel
  • Adrenal stress test

Join my nutrition and lifestyle programmes and find out how what you eat, how you move, sleep and take care of yourself can make a huge difference to how you feel.


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In an age where everything seems to be about looking good, not feeling confident about the skin you’re in (on every level) can have a really negative impact on how you experience your life. It IS possible to have an enormous impact on the way your skin looks and feels by making some changes to the way you eat – and I don’t mean overly restricting the foods you love or going on a juice cleanse.

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