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Hi there! I’m Ionela, but you can call me Ella.

I’m a Certified Nutrition and Health coach, Skin therapist and mom living in the beautiful Galway, passionate about the powerful effects of nutrition.

I’m incredibly grateful that you’ve taken the time to visit my website.

I love real food and using fresh ingredients and I can help you focus on your health and quality food choices because the way we look and feel depends a lot on the nutrients that we eat, digest and absorb.

I qualified in Nutrition and Health coaching at the renowned Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health and now specialise in working with women who are struggling with skin complains or looking to improve their overall health (digestive complaints, fatigue, weight gain). Having worked directly with people with skin issues as a skin therapist and also my yoga teacher training, gave me a unique perspective to integrate all of this into a holistic approach based on science to help people increase energy and improve their health.

Stuff Not Many People Know

I have been on my own journey with health issues that include skin and digestive issues, food sensitivities, numerous weight loss challenges and difficulties conceiving. This personal journey had a significant impact on me and is the reason why I now help my clients make positive changes to their health.

Like most people, it never occurred to me that my diet and lifestyle might be contributing to my skin and health issues until I was in my 30s and I decided to take a different approach. In the process of becoming a Nutrition and Health Coach I learned how to take control of my health and protect my immunity. I learned healthy habits that will protect me and my family and I have made significant changes to the food I was eating. Now, I’d love to help you on your journey to get great results as well.

To be on top of the latest research in nutrition I’m always in student mode, I’m always learning and reading and trying new things and evolving as I go, so I can share my knowledge with my clients, friends and family and make an impact. I truly believe that when you feel good everything else falls into place.

As a mum of two gorgeous girls, I totally get how easy it is for everyone else’s needs to come first. I know too well just how it feels to be hopeless at making the right choices or making them stick.
Diet and lifestyle have an incredible impact on our lives and I’m so thankful that I can offer my support and see the benefits that people experience through their healing journey. That feeling you get knowing you were responsible for making someone’s life healthier and happier today is what makes my day.


Enough about me, what about you?

If you’ve read this far, I want to invite you to tell me more about you. What brought you here, what are you seeking, what are you concerned about, what are your goals – I’m all ears.
If you need professional guidance in order to address a specific health issue, I’m ready to help you reach your personal goals today. I will work with you to discover and address the root cause of your symptoms.
I offer high quality, targeted nutritional programmes to bring your skin back to health, relieve stress, energise, repair and uplift.

We all want to feel great and live a long, happy, healthy life and avoid disease and I want to make a difference by helping you achieve this through my programmes.

The first step on your health journey is to schedule a quick chat. This is a complimentary, no obligation phone call with me so I can find out a little about your health concerns and your goals and how nutrition may help you.

If you are interested in improving and protecting your health, this might be the most important call you ever make.
If you decide to work with me, we can decide together which programme would work best for you.


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almost 80% of our immune cells are found within the gut


In Ireland, 54% of the population is affected by skin disease annually


Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for skin yet over 90% of women don't get enough


63% of people suffering with a skin condition reported a fall in their confidence with 95% of acne sufferers reporting it has an impact on their daily life

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In an age where everything seems to be about looking good, not feeling confident about the skin you’re in (on every level) can have a really negative impact on how you experience your life. It IS possible to have an enormous impact on the way your skin looks and feels by making some changes to the way you eat – and I don’t mean overly restricting the foods you love or going on a juice cleanse.

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