Buddha Bowl

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The amounts suggested are per portion. However, it is recommended to make a few at the same time, store in jars in the fridge, and lunch is prepared for the next few days.

Pick a Protein: (100g)

Chicken | prawns | mackerel | salmon (canned / fresh) | tuna
Pick a green leafy vegetable (large handful)
Rocket | watercress | spinach | romaine | mixed leaves

Pick your vegetables (80g)

Onion | cucumber | cooked /raw broccoli | radish | celery | roasted / raw cauliflower

Pick a carbohydrate:

Roasted sweet potato (½ small) | roasted butternut squash (75g) I roasted carrot / parsnip
(1 medium) I roasted beetroot (1 medium)

Pick a healthy fat:

10 olives | ½ avocado
Fermented vegetables: (1 tbsp)
Sauerkraut | fermented vegetables, e.g. beets / carrots / purple cabbage


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